Film Flams – Alien Resurrection

DownloadWe round out the end of our Aline series with the final (chronologically speaking) installment; Alien: Resurrection. This movie has some redeeming qualities but overall is a prime example of how you can have all the right people involved and all the best... read more

Episode 1914 – the flat earth

DownloadAmerica’s worst chef / Hockey Game / Hamster spirit airlines / Tesla in Space / Flat Earthers / Woman pulls out her eyes in Anderson / Netflix account hacked / Dirty Money / The Preppie Connection / Code Orange – Forever / Brian Fallon – Forget Me... read more

Episode 1913 – the dave and the bold

DownloadTime travelers and memory / Chiropractor update / Super bowl commercials / Solo / Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom / Avengers: Infinity War / The cloverfield paradox / Oscar nominated films / Crocodile dundee / The... read more
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