Untitled Trek – Choose Your Pain

Download Stardate 6633.43 This day in Star Trek History. 1978 – The fiftieth day of filming Star Trek: The Motion Picture 1989 – “Who Watches The Watchers” airs 2013 – IDW Publishing releases issue #1 of Star Trek: Khan News. New... read more

Film Flams – Galaxy Quest

DownloadJ.J. Abrams said that Galaxy Quest was “One of the best” Stat Trek films ever made. We have to at least agree that it is one of the best Sci-fi adventure movies ever made and it’s most likely due to the ability to be funny while not... read more

Episode 1902 – The Offspring

DownloadBo and Matt are having babies / IT / McDonald’s Szechuan sauce / Cringe fans / Burger King attacked by gang of Ronalds / Dark Matter / Modern Life is... read more

Untitled Trek – The Undiscovered Podcast

Download Stardate 6598.31 This day in Star Trek History. 1968 – Third day of filming on TOS: “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield“. News. Journey Towards Optimism At NYCC “Fans who are upset by the diversity of the cast can go fuck themselves,”... read more

312 Wellington – Nova Javelin

DownloadMatt and I play in a band called Nova Javelin. We brought the third member of the band in, Greg, to do an interview covering details surrounding the origins. Greg and I lived in a house that was infamous for being the practice space of many bands as well as a... read more
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