Untitled Trek – The Undiscovered Podcast

Download Stardate 6598.31 This day in Star Trek History. 1968 – Third day of filming on TOS: “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield“. News. Journey Towards Optimism At NYCC “Fans who are upset by the diversity of the cast can go fuck themselves,”... read more

312 Wellington – Nova Javelin

DownloadMatt and I play in a band called Nova Javelin. We brought the third member of the band in, Greg, to do an interview covering details surrounding the origins. Greg and I lived in a house that was infamous for being the practice space of many bands as well as a... read more

Spoiler Show 5 – Big October

DownloadIt’s been a while since David has been in the studio so we had a ton of TV shows to discuss. The Walking Dead / Fear The Walking Dead / MR Mercedes / IT / Star Trek Discovery / Battlestar Galactica / LOST / Game of... read more

Film Flams – Yoga Hosers

DownloadI’m really excited for the third installment of the Kevin Smith Canadian horrors, Moose Jaws. But I would be a terrible fan if I watched Moose Jaws without seeing the second installment. Yoga Hosers is one half Clerks level genius and one half... read more

ECN Throwback – The Conspiracy Show

DownloadMatt is in Mexico trying to get back into the country. The Upstate has no power. But worst of all, there is no ECN this week. Here is a throwback episode from season 17. One of my favorite things we’re done on the show and was barely listened to when it... read more
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