Untitled Trek 3 – Discovery Mid-Season Finale Impressions

DownloadDavid (Nerd Culture Podcast / Film Flams) joins us to discuss the mid-season finale and what we expect to see in the next half. Could Captain Lorca be from the mirror universe? Many fan theories discussed in this episode. Grab your tinfoil hat and listen... read more

Episode 1904 – The Trip

DownloadToothgrinder / Polyphia / The Contortionist / BTBAM / finally got the encore / Descendants show / NYC / undercover airport security dog? / Debit cards suck / Homeless guy and quarter pounders / Record Stores / Mindhunter / The Glitch / The... read more

Untitled Trek – Choose Your Pain

Download Stardate 6633.43 This day in Star Trek History. 1978 – The fiftieth day of filming Star Trek: The Motion Picture 1989 – “Who Watches The Watchers” airs 2013 – IDW Publishing releases issue #1 of Star Trek: Khan News. New... read more
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